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    What does this include?

    Well, it starts with a simple needs analysis to make sure this is the right device for your company. As long as this is the perfect backup system for your needs, you get the hardware for FREE and installation for FREE. What is the catch? There is a one year contract required. Otherwise, enjoy the piece of mind that your data is safe and recoverable.

    Backup the system, not just the files

    Most small businesses are using at least some type of solution to avoid data loss, but very few are protecting their business from downtime, which can be even more devastating. This device will protect your business from data loss and ensure that in the event of a disaster, you are fully operational with little to no downtime.

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  • Here is the geeky info

    In case you want more info about the power of this product. Here is a list of features.

    Image-Based Backup

    Image-based backup technology takes a complete picture of the workstation or server. Advantages include quick full system restores, easy recovery of individual files, bare metal restores (BMR) capability, and the ability to boot individual backups as virtual machines. Image-based backup is a superior technology vs. outdated tape and disc.

    Hybrid Virtualization

    This BDR brings the power and flexibility of local virtualization to small business. Hybrid Virtualization technology initializes a virtual machine (VM) in the secure Cloud, then automatically

    connects to the local network through the BDR appliance on-site using a secure VPN tunnel.

    Screenshot Backup Verification

    No more guessing if your backup is working properly.

    This BDR boots backups as virtual machines, capturing an image of the login page to give you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up. An industry first.

    Instant Off-Site Virtualization

    This BDR protects clients from site-wide outages using instant off-site virtualization. In the event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood, the entire network can be recreated in the secure Cloud in a matter of minutes. Secure connections are provided to employees and a business can resume normal operations.

    Inverse Chain Technology

    Inverse Chain Technology eliminates the problem of broken backup chains – the place where most issues arise in the backup process.

    Each time a backup occurs data is saved in a universal virtual file format (VMDK). These backups are not dependent on previous snapshots, giving you the freedom to change retention and delete snapshots without resetting the chain or having to take a new base image. Since each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine, there is no need for complex, time-consuming conversion processes before performing a restore. Data is always available immediately, both on and off-site, for near-instantaneous recovery and virtualization.

    Local and Off-Site File Restore

    Now, no matter where you are, you can recover files and folders from any protected server or workstation, from any point in time. The intuitive, familiar portal now features a simple, powerful utility for browsing the complete file structure for any recovery point. Even better, you can perform searches to find exactly what you need.

    Bare Metal Restore

    BMR is the process of rebuilding a computer from scratch after a catastrophic failure. With BMR capabilities, you can protect an entire computer or server with a single backup set. This means that you can back up and restore the entire drive, including the operating system, settings, programs, files and folders while keeping the contents and the information structure intact.

    Unlimited Cloud Storage Capabilities

    The local device can hold up to 2 TB of backups. The off-site, Cloud storage included with this device is unlimited with a 1 year retention policy.