Making affordable, reliable IT a reality.

    Managed Services

    Keeps systems updated and protected.


    Managed Services will keep your computers updated and protected no matter where they are located. If there is a problem, cITs will know about it before you do.


    Data Protection

    Disaster recovery and business continuity at an affordable price.


    Is your data backed up? Can it be restored in a timely manner? Can you operate during restoration? How would you operate without your data? We’re happy to offer the first-ever backup and disaster recovery solution designed specifically for small business. It has the power of an enterprise solution, yet it’s robust, affordable, and super easy-to-use. And it can fit in the palm of your hand!


    VOIP Phone System

    Enterprise class phone system without the huge investment.


    How would you like free hardware? How about free hardware upgrades every three years? Not to mention all the features of an expensive enterprise phone system. Most clients even save money on their monthly phone bills. This is our favorite win-win solution.


    Cloud Computing

    Email, File Sharing, Servers, Data Backup


    Cloud computing is a very broad term covering things from a hosted email server like Office 365 to a completely cloud hosted server with virtual desktops.  Still running an in house Exchange Server?  It is time to migrate to the cloud.  Other cloud solutions are not so straight forward and are not appropriate for all businesses.  Let Concord IT Solutions help you evaluate the options and find a solution that fits your needs and budget.