• Setup email on a Windows PC with Outlook

    Here are the instructions to create a new profile with the new Office 365 email account.


    • Choose Start > Control Panel > Mail


    • In Windows 10, use the Cortana search box and type Control Panel, and then click Control Panel


    • Open the Control Panel, and in the Search box at the top of window, type Mail.

    • In the Mail setup window, select Show Profiles

    In the Profiles windows, click Add

    Type a name for the new profile. This name is not visible anywhere else. It is just for reference.

    Click OK

    Fill in the fields for Email Address, Password, and Retype Password

    Click Next

    Make sure both boxes are unchecked on the bottom left and click Finish

    Select Always use this profile

    From the pull down menu, select the profile name that you created

    Click OK

    Launch Outlook and it will load your new email. It will take a while to sync all folders especially if you have a large mailbox. The best thing to do is to leave your computer on overnight to let it sync all items.

    When it is complete, you will see All folders are up to date in the bottom of the Outlook window.